Window cleaners, otherwise called as window washers, are persons who professionally clean windows. Window cleaning, sometimes called as window washing, involves interior cleaning of glass usually used for decorative, light, or structural purposes. It may be performed manually, with a number of available tools for access and cleaning. Technology is also used and more, automated automation is used for Perth window cleaners.

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The most common tool of window cleaners is a squeegee. However, there are window washing systems that do not include a squeegee. Window cleaners use various tools to clean windows. Amongst these are squeegees, channels, poles, water-fed poles, hooks, water-fed sticks and so on. Each type of tool used by window cleaners has its own function.

Window cleaners are required to have appropriate tools for cleaning windows. A squeegee and a stick are among the most common tools. Window cleaners use platforms to reach the uppermost level of windows. Window cleaners may either climb up the platform or use ladders and scaffold.

Window cleaners are also required to have appropriate clothing, protective gears, and tools for safety. They are required to wear protective gear such as goggles, safety gloves, rubber soles and boots. Window cleaners use ladders to reach the platform or the window cleaner. Ladders must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the cleaner.

Window cleaners use extension poles and ladders to access windows. Window cleaners use poles having length up to three feet. Extension pole is made from aluminum or stainless steel and the length of the pole needs to be suitable with the window cleaners. Window cleaners use ladders to access the windows. Window cleaners use the extension pole and ladders to access windows.

Window cleaners can move on the ground by walking along the ground using the provided foot pedal. The foot pedal connects to an electric outlet fitted near the ground. The outlet is fitted in the ground vertically. The outlet can be fitted in various places such as inside the home, off the ground, or outside the home. Window cleaners use the foot pedal to raise the bucket and the extension pole to dump the bucket.

The installation process can be done quickly by using a padlock. The first step is to position the frame on the floor by using the pads. The window cleaner then installs the foot pedal and extension pole. The second step is to fill the bucket with solution. The bucket should hold at least two hundred pounds. Erik brown has been able to sell two hundred window cleaners using this technique.

Window cleaners have to work fast to do effective cleaning. They do not have time to stretch their hands over large areas. To make things easier for them Ron Zeibig and crews come to their rescue. Ron Zeibig is a former professional landscaper who has now gone into the business of washing windows for construction and residential clients. He has also trained other employees.

The technicians are able to do more than just window washing. They are also able to clean pools, siding, bricks, fences and all sorts of hard surfaces. When asked what is most exciting about working for Hock, Andy Horton responded with enthusiasm. “Family time”. It is difficult to get more family time than working for Hock and his crew of window cleaners.